Brief about EPR

Waste is something that will never face an end. Worldwide, waste is generated in bulk every year. We have entered 21st century. The time is passing and we are seeing a huge growth in the population. Increase in population simply means increase in production of waste. These wastes are generated not only from our homes, but also from industries. To manage these wastes, proper disposal is required. Now since waste production is increasing constantly, more and more disposal methods must come in role. If these wastes are not properly disposed, it can lead to a major threat of air and water pollution.

But, many nations are now finding different ways to deal with this problem. And, here comes the role of ‘EPR’. It stands for ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ and basically, it is an initiative to deal with the waste and to protect the environment. Let us now look in detail about ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’.

The term EPR was first coined in the early 90s, it is intended to provide incentive to the manufacturers for designing such products, which are further usable and recyclable. Actually, it is a strategy for the welfare of environment. Presently, EPR means a policy that aims to reduce waste generation and hence to protect the environment. Now, you all might be wondering that how EPR does this? Actually, EPR makes producers responsible to build the products that are useful and recyclable for long term. As a result, less waste will be generated and problem of its disposal will also be fixed. This also advantages for the production of reliable products with the safe of environment.

According to Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) is a strategy for environmental protection, for which the key is handed to manufacturers for extending the life of products.

What is EPR Registration?

EPR Registration is a registration under CPCB for proper channelization of E-Waste. The E- waste is meant to be collected, stored, dismantled and recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

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Applicable –

EPR is applicable for importers, manufacturer and producers of electronics.

Product list –


Liabilities –

CPCB has allotted the liability to collect and recycle the E-Waste to the Producer itself.

Either the producer can fulfill the responsibility by itself or can engage a PRO (Producer’s Responsibility Organization) for fulfillment of his responsibilities. The PRO engaged should also be CPCB authorized.

The producer (Manufacturer/Importer) has to submit its previous import/sales data according to which the targets will be allotted by CPCB. Further quarterly import/sales data needs to be submitted once the EPR is issued.

The producer needs to conduct 2 seminars yearly for general public awareness regarding the hazardous effects of E-waste and methods to properly channelize and dispose E-waste in an eco-friendly manner.

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